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Why Choose Us?


Extensive Experience

We have extensive experience in Puget Sound real estate servicing all areas in and around Seattle. Our comprehensive knowledge of each unique community and neighborhood helps you to narrow down your home choice quickly. We offer a unique set of skills for buyers and sellers including: home staging, construction consultation and unique open houses.

About Us

Parsons Team Seattle was founded by myself, Mel Parsons, and I was quickly joined by my husband, Ben. We bring a unique skill set that is uncommon in today's real estate market. After working in the fields of midwifery and construction in the greater Seattle area, we combined our love of leading our clients through life changing transitions with our knowledge of home construction. Thus began our highly recommended real estate team, Parsons Team Seattle.


Each agent that joins the Parsons Team reflects the knowledge, understanding and all-important client connection required to make you delighted with your home purchase or sale. Our ability to help people achieve their goals is what makes us stand apart. It's our pleasure to join you in your next adventure. We will guide and inform you, make recommendations and assist you through each step of the process.

Mel Parsons

Text or Call: (206) 472-7886



We are passionately committed to helping you purchase or sell a home while meeting your requirements and needs. We provide you with the necessary tools and information you need to make informed decisions.


We Guarantee, You'll Be Smiling

Let's face it. The process of buying or selling a home can be stressful. Often our clients think, "Where do I begin?" "How can afford it?"  "How do I make sure I get the best deal?" Relax. We got this! We are here to take care of the entire process for you.


Meet Our Team

Text or Call: (206) 565-1199

I love working with people!  I have made a career of confidently serving people in stressful situations. My clients appreciate in me the qualities of integrity, clear communication, and a fierce drive to help them find home.

Ryan Marsh
Buyer's Agent
Melanie Hampton
Buyer's Agent

I originally hail from South Texas and I am thrilled to have found my home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  You may have seen me acting in the Seattle area or teaching children's acting classes, two of my greatest passions. I look forward to bringing the focused creativity, emotional intelligence and attention to detail that I use in my theatrical life into our partnership in finding your perfect home! 

Text or Call: (206) 866-2138


Nick Watson
Buyer's Agent

Text or Call: (206) 460-1733

I am one of the few Seattle born and raised left in this town and I'm also a professional actor around the Seattle area. 

We all know how chaotic real estate can be, but with my easy-going nature and ability to roll with the punches, I can make your transaction feel like a breeze.

Jed Mathre
Buyer's Agent

Text or Call: (763) 225-2049

I’m originally from Minnesota and after attending school in Colorado, I ventured out to the PNW in search of theatre and some mighty mountains. I will bring a Midwestern sense of care and calm to your search for a home. Let’s work together to find you a place to hang your hat!

Lalo Creme
Buyer's Agent

Text or Call: (206) 350-9286

When I was little, one thing always stood out to me about trips to friend's houses: their houses. My parents had some cool friends with some unusual homes. "We're going to visit Kevin in the triangle house" (made up of 3 adjoining pyramids). "We're off to see Paul in the roundhouse" (his house was round). I associate people with houses. I love the stories that come with them. I love the attachment, the soul, the memories. When I help clients find their ideal homes, or help them move from one to another, I feel like I'm at home. People and their homes are one and the same to me, and I'm passionate about finding their match. That, is why I love being a real estate broker.

Bonnie Marsh
Buyer's Agent

Text or Call: (206) 350-9178

Bonnie moved to the Seattle area in 2004 in search of shade and cooler weather that the hot Arizona desert could not provide. Past vocations include serving the public at the US postal service and working as a registered nurse in public health. Whether looking for a low maintenance condo, home in the city or a dreamy farm, Bonnie is up for the challenge. Clients love her attention to detail and continuous support through the home buying process.